DigitalTransport4Africa Meetup, Paris

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In November 2018, I was privileged to have parcipated in the second DigitalTransport4Africa meet-up and workshop organized by the Agence française de développement (AFD) and it’s partners.

Day 0 with Nathalie Day 0: Nathalie and I finding our way to the nearest KFC

My participation in this meetup dates back to mapping of Accra’s trotro with support from the local OpenStreetMap community, Jungle Bus and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

This meetup was also saw the launch the Beta version of the DigitalTransport4Africa Resource Center: which contains data, information and tools used to accomplish paratransit mapping projects in Africa cities.

We had a day Open event for everyone with presentations, interactions and networking around Open Transport at Le Square. GTFS was much higlighted as we are talking transportation. Interested in GTFS? Here a comprehensive MOOC from the World Bank - Introduction to the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and Informal Transit System Mapping (Self-Paced)

Knowing this was my first time in Europe and Paris for the fact. Had the opportunity to move around a bit. I loved the connectivity of sidewalks in Paris. Thanks to the awesome OpenStreetMap community in France, my self and colleague enthusiasts had no difficulty moving around. It was also a great time put face to OSM usernames from Paris I have known remotely.

Walking Paris I very much admire how easy it is to walk around in Paris. Yes I walked from my around Gare de Lyon to Notre Dame then to Eiffel Tower with Mr. Randy :)

Cheers! Cheers! Am not good at selfies!

Kisio Digital We visited Kisio Digital roof top

La Defense En route to visit Jean-Marc, first time riding a metro :D

Get lost! When we got lost on a freezing morning.

Thank you to Agence Francaise de Developpemnent for the invitation and all DigitalTransport4Africa partners for organizing this meet up.

Enock Seth Nyamador

Enock Seth Nyamador

Lover of maps and Open Source

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